The Secret Affair Interviews #7

1) Age, sex, marital status
52, female, married

2) When did you first begin your affair? How did you meet your affair partner?
We started seeing each other about 16 months ago. Met him on Ashley Madison web site.  We corresponded for about two months before we actually met.  Our first meeting was at a restaurant. Then we went to a movie together.  We couldn’t keep our hands off each other at the theater.

3) What were the circumstances that led you to having an affair?
I wanted what was missing in my marriage.  I tried all kinds of other things to fill that void, but nothing worked very well or for very long. I did volunteer work; joined some clubs; worked part time. I needed affection, attention, and excitement. I needed to feel wanted and cared for…cherished.

4) Would you say that you are in an emotional affair or are you in it purely for the sex?
The sex is wonderful! I think that is because we have an emotional attachment.  I would feel slutty if I just had ‘casual sex’. We work at keeping the lines of communication open and fulfilling each others needs.

5) What impact has having an affair had on your marriage? Has it improved it? Made it worse?
I am a happier woman.  Several people have commented on how good I look. I have a better outlook on life in general. It makes the good days great and the bad days tolerable. I do have times occasionally when I wish I could tell/see my OM and it just isn’t possible.
6) How often do you get so see your affair partner? Where do you typically meet?
We usually get together about once a week.  We’ve been able to get together for a night a few times.  We meet at a park,  restaurant, museum or once in a while at a convenience store so we can go for a drive together.

7) Have you ever been caught or had a close call?
I haven’t, but he has been caught.  We stopped seeing each other for a while, but were both miserable.

8) What precautions do you take to ensure you maintain secrecy?
I delete messages and phone calls off phone before going home.  Emails are deleted as soon as they are read. We contact each other by phone only during the day during the week.

9) Do you ever feel guilty? If so, how do you manage that?
I don’t feel guilty for cheating on my husband.  I tell myself that as long as he doesn’t know, I’m not hurting him.

10) What’s the best and worst part about being in an affair?
I now have someone who is interested in me as a woman and shows me he is.  I feel so sexy and special with him.  The worst part is the sneaking around.  Yeah, it is exciting…but it gets difficult sometimes.


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  1. Quantum Flux June 9, 2012 at 1:45 am #

    Well hopefully your husband is cheating nonstop on you also so the karmic wheel will be complete. Cheaters deserve each other really. Too bad you all so rarely *find* each other.

    Its just amazing what selfish assholes people can rationalize being and keep a big smile on their face while doing it, yet do the slightest thing to them and watch their tune change big time.

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