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Sex In The Marital Bed – The Ultimate Betrayal?

You are meeting with your affair partner for sexual acrobatics. They can’t host in their dwelling due to lack of privacy and neither of you want to shell out for a hotel at the moment. You can always crumple into a vehicle and have at it like teenagers… or you can take them back to […]

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The Consequences Of My Husbands Affair

I read recently that people who make the choice to have an affair do not fully comprehend the consequences of their actions.  I believe that is only partially true.  I believe they contemplate the fall out but do not understand the depth.  They also turn a blind eye to what they risk because  they don’t want […]

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Busted! Be Afraid, Very Afraid.

Always remember that when you decide to take the plunge and have an extramarital affair that getting caught is a very real possibility. The pain and anguish that this can cause can never be far from your mind. We have put together some videos of people getting caught in the act by their significant others. […]

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