Is Having An Affair Against The Law?

Is having an affair against the law?While having an affair involves clandestine meetings, sneaking around, deceit and cunning, is it actually a crime? Well, it actual depends on where you live.In some parts of the world, hooking up with someone other than your spouse is not only illegal but it can be punishable by death. Believe it or not, even here in the United States,  some states still have legislation on the books that clearly define adultery as being a criminal offense. Lets take a look at some of the laws that surround adultery here and around the world.

United States

While these laws are rarely enforced, you might be surprised just how many states actually have laws that make having sex with someone other than your spouse illegal.

Probably the most shocking example is in the great state of Michigan where having sex outside of marriage is considered to be first degree sexual conduct that has a maximum penalty of LIFE IN PRISON.  The law basically says that any type of sexual penetration “under circumstances involving the commission of any other felony” is considered to be 1st-degree criminal sexual conduct. Adultery on the books as being a  felony in Michigan but there have been no convictions under the law since 1971.

Get caught getting a little action on the side in Maryland and be prepared to fork over a ten dollar fine. In New York State, having sex on the down low is considered to be a Class B misdemeanor which is in the same class of offense as public lewdness, issuing a bad check or reckless endangerment of property. Are you having an affair in the state of Wisconsin? Congratulations, you are a class 1 felon. South Carlina law states that if you get caught having sex with someone other than you spouse you can be on the hook for a fine of not more than five hundred dollars or no more than a year in jail.


leave it to those laid back progressive Europeans to keep their noses out of what goes on behind closed doors with consenting adults. Europe has totally decriminalized adultery an din fact has stated that if Turkey was to keep adultery as a criminal offense, then it would be a stumbling block for it joining the European Union.

The Rest

In India, the act of adultery is considered to be sex between a man and a woman without the consent of the woman’s husband.  If caught, the man  can be jailed for up to five years,whereas the married woman cannot be prosecuted. So much for sharing the blame.

So you live in Pakistan and the hot women across the street has been giving you the bedroom eyes ever since you helped her carry her groceries home from the market. You must be a pretty desperate to get between the sheets with this married women because if you get caught, count on being imprisoned, beaten or even killed for your dalliance. Not surprisingly, countries that adhere to strict Islamic law tend to frown on having sex outside of marriage in any shape or form. Afghanistan, Pakistan and Saudi Arabia are pretty dangerous places to be messing around on your significant other. Death by stoning or public hanging is a pretty steep price to pay for getting a little action on the side, although the betrayed spouse might not feel that way.

So while having an affair isn’t likely to get you featured on an episode of COPS, and it is highly unlikely that anyone would be prosecuted under the archaic laws that are still on the book in some State, be thankful that you live in a country that doesn’t treat adultery as a killing offense.


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One Response to Is Having An Affair Against The Law?

  1. VforVendetta January 29, 2013 at 3:43 pm #

    In North Carolina–be very afraid. I found out after my yearlong affair with a married man that his wife can sue me for everything I own–bank account, house, car, everything. If she decided to divorce him over it, he also gets nothing in the divorce–no alimony (she is a 6 figure executive, far out pacing his meager salary), no custody of the kid, and I’m wondering if he can even take anything that was acquired during the marriage.

    I inquired of several friends and even an attorney, do these cases ever go to court?

    Yes. In NC, over 200 cases are filed every year. You would think it all has to do with the “big bucks” couples, but no.

    In all but 2-3 cases in the past decade, these suits are brought against an affair partner with very few assets–the cases are tried in court, in front of a jury (!!!!!).

    The average “settlement” or “award” for the person bringing the suit is between $40K-$60K. Just enough to make your life a living hell financially as an affair partner, and give (I suppose) the spouse some sort of satisfaction.

    The kicker comes in the fine print–you, as the spouse, can sue the affair partner for two different things…

    “Criminal Conversation” and “Alienation of Affection”.

    A sexual act doesn’t even have to be proven for you to get sued for “criminal conversation”! So all you boys and girls just talking on the phone, whether it’s to get hooked up or it’s to find a landscaper–if the other person is married, and his/her spouse doesn’t know, and it continues for any length of time–and of course, the spouse objects to it—you get sued.

    You don’t even have to prove the CONTENT of the conversation. If it looks like a duck on paper—let’s eat it for dinner.

    “Alienation” is a little harder to prove, because it’s a “he said, she said” sort of deal. “I’ve been having a healthy sexual relationship with my husband!!!!”

    Uh….well….what may be healthy in YOUR mind, may not be what he had in mind when he married you. Or, you did what a lot of my female friends did—do everything that your boyfriend wants to do before you’re married, get him thinking he’s so lucky—put a ring on your finger….and viola….you never have to go south again. Same for you, dudes.

    I’ve heard this story a ton of times from my girlfriends. It’s pathetic. You get pregnant so your boyfriend will stay with you. You use the kids to keep him/her there with you. You make up any story you like about your HEALTHY relationship, how “wonderful” things are and how you just can’t understand why something like this would happen to your wonderfulness.

    (really? isn’t that an oxymoron? if it was so fucking healthy, why did your partner seek outside stimulation? Oh yeah, that’s right, they’re “disordered”, “sick”, everything is ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS the cheater’s fault. I forgot.)

    but but but but Yooooooouuuuuuu Prooooooooooooomisssssssssed!

    Seriously? Grow up. Cheating is a human construct. As is marriage. As is child support. As is religion. As is good and evil.

    When people can’t understand certain behaviors, they seek ways to explain those behaviors. “They must be mentally deranged.” (of course. not to love your wonderfulness forever and take any and all bullshit you seek to dish out, is just SICK. SICK, I tell you!)

    So, in NC, they’ve decided to legislate your moral behavior–just like homosexuals marrying, or sodomy in GA being illegal–where is your moral outrage for those people…the ones who want to marry who they love, no matter their gender?

    Cherry picking is just as pathetic as guilting someone into staying with you when they clearly don’t love you or respect you—

    and to legislate and enforce this type of pathetic behavior, that “how dare you leave me/cheat on me, I AM WONDERFUL and since you can’t see that, I’m going to MAKE YOU SEE IT.”

    The spouse wants revenge. or confirmation. or validation. “SEE! A judge and jury think that you’re slime, too!”

    Yay for you. You’re still the stick in the mud, boring, close your eyes tight in the dark with the doors locked never enjoy it never when the kids are home never when the sun is shining never outdoors never on any day that ends in Y—-and you know it.

    Sue me if you want. The truth remains.

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