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Infidelity In The Digital Age – Infographic

There is no question that the technological age has dramatically changed the way that we communicate with each other. With the rise of Internet marketing, SEO, social networks and smart phones, connecting with people has never been easier. It is no surprise then that the technology is being for more nefarious purposes. Click the image […]

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Infidelity Statistics

While infidelity statistics are known to be be difficult to compile accurately we have compiled some of the more prevalent numbers associated with the subject. Obviously those that have committed  adultery at one time in their lives are not necessarily going to be truthful as it pertains to poll taking. Lets face, it, admitting to having […]

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Adultery Statistics – Affairs By The Numbers

The National Post has put together an interesting infographic that gives some insight in to who is cheating on their spouses. This was a 2011 Kinsey Institute survey of 918 adults. Some of the more interesting findings?  Only 23% of women having affairs are sexually dissatisfied and only 32% of them are unhappy in their […]

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