Busted! Be Afraid, Very Afraid.

Always remember that when you decide to take the plunge and have an extramarital affair that getting caught is a very real possibility. The pain and anguish that this can cause can never be far from your mind. We have put together some videos of people getting caught in the act by their significant others.

Caught In The Act

This first one is a real good example of the fury that you can expect if you get caught in the act.


Busted On The Radio

Woops! A prank phonecall from a radio station leads to an unintended confession.


Total Freakout

This guy catches his wife with his best man and takes a metal pipe to his car.


Hell Hath No Fury…..

This woman dumps this guys belongings all over the street for his infidelity.


I Think She Is Angry…..

After catching her husband with another woman, this soon to be ex-wife plays smash up derby.

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