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I am a single woman involved with a married man.. A typical setting provided our introduction: Work. Over time, the two of us discovered we had more shared, specific interests than usual for a couple with age separating them. We were never going to be run-of-the-mill: this coupling is about possession. Our affair is like watching two assassins meeting for coffee; each knows who and what the other is, but chooses to forget for the sake of the pleasure of their companionship.

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Sex In The Marital Bed – The Ultimate Betrayal?

You are meeting with your affair partner for sexual acrobatics. They can’t host in their dwelling due to lack of privacy and neither of you want to shell out for a hotel at the moment. You can always crumple into a vehicle and have at it like teenagers… or you can take them back to […]

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You’re Mine – The Danger Of Possessive Affairs

Some people are born possessive types. It is considered part of their personality. They’ve grown up with emotion or touch or stability refused or neglected by one parent or both and they’ve dealt with rejection by clinging to all that comes their way. They love intensely. They have almost a predatory-like way about them. You […]

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