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Smiler has been involved in affairs throughout her adult life, spanning two marriages and 30 years. She believes that no person can satisfy the complete needs of another human being and refuses to be the chattel of one man. She therefore seeks to enhance her life experience and fulfilment by engaging in secret extra marital relationships. Part of the thrill of her affairs, is enjoying a variety of men of different ages, professions, cultures and financial status; although she has never run two affairs concurrently. A successful business woman, she has been married for 14 years to an older man and has no children. Her hobbies include writing, travel, swimming and socialising, preferably with men.

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How I Craft The Perfect Alibi

My creative mind I inherited from my mother, having watched her painstakingly apply diamanté crystals to my doll’s wedding dress. The affair side of my nature came from my father, although it’s a topic my brother and I debate most Christmases, as to who passed on their cheating genes to us. With every affair, comes […]

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