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The Consequences Of My Husbands Affair

I read recently that people who make the choice to have an affair do not fully comprehend the consequences of their actions.  I believe that is only partially true.  I believe they contemplate the fall out but do not understand the depth.  They also turn a blind eye to what they risk because  they don’t want […]

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What I Have Learned From My Multiple Affairs

They say experience is the best teacher and I can honestly say this was very evident when I ventured into the affair world. People tend to question people’s motives when they have had multiple affairs. The truth is that its hard the find the right person to have an affair with and affairs end for one […]

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A Failure To Communicate

One of the biggest complaints in the affair world is that there is a lack of communication. More accurately withdrawal of communication. Many affairs begin and the communication is explosive with the pings, pongs and ding dongs that threaten to blow up the phone. Then when interest is established or sex is established, communication can […]

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