In 2008 doccool.com was launched as a discussion forum for those that were involved in an extramarital affair. From May of 2008 until January of 2013 more than four thousand people posted more than seventy five thousand posts about what it was like to be involved in an affair. They posted about how they got away with it. They told the stories of how they cover their tracks so that their spouses would not catch them. They gave incredible insight in to the minds of adulterers, never knowing that one day that information would be used against them. That time has come.

In February of 2013 I decided that this would no longer be a safe haven for cheaters to come together to support each other while they betrayed their spouses. Instead I decided to take the vast pool of information that the adulterers themselves had posted in order to create a resource devoted to helping people catch those that were cheating on them.